Statistics indicate that 45% of Americans have no retirement savings, the typical American has only saved $5,000 and the average couple in their late 50’s and early 60’s have less than $17,000 saved. How long will that last?

 Many professional and successful business people are finding a way to create a real retirement through the use of tax free income generated from indexed universal life insurance policies. Employers that want the option to discriminate on who participates, wants possibly less administrative costs and do not want limits on their personal contributions are turning to this method. Individuals can also participate without any employment affiliation. Also, many people are using this method to accumulate wealth and provide tax free incomes for their children and grandchildren.

The Protection Plan vs 401k & Simple IRAs

1. Employer can pick and choose who they want to participate.

2. Concept can be used in lieu of or in addition to a qualified plan

3. Employer can choose percentage of matching contributions, if any for each participant.

4. No 3rd party administrator is required.

5. Access to money prior to age 59 ½ without the 10% IRS penalty.

6. Withdrawals do not require any administration from you company.

7. Unlike a 401k & Simple IRAs, Unlimited after tax contributions are available. (many employers like this just for themselves)

8. Matching contributions are helpful, but are not required by the employer.

9. Values can’t reduce because of stock market losses.

10. Provides Income tax free income through net zero cost loans or variable loans. (client’s choice)

11. Over time, expenses may be less than a 401k.

12. Gains are locked in annually, it resets annually & can’t lose money
because the stock market declines.

13. Provides an income tax free death benefit.

14. May provide income tax free early withdrawals of much of the death benefit for Chronic Illness, Critical Illness & Terminal Illness.

Please watch the short video’s below. There is a short slide show prior to the 2nd video.

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